DOCUMENTA: November 1-30, 2014

“Zygote provides needed short-term space that I need to test and document my work for my website, grant applications, show proposals, and for collectors.”
— Christine Mauersberger

  • Do you need to find a great photographer who can fill all your documentation needs?
  • Can Zygote provide a clean, private space for scheduling a studio visit with a curator or gallerist?
  • Like Christine, do you need a professional space to test drive and document an installation?

On Wednesdays and Saturdays through the month of November, Zygote Press continues advocating for artists and filling the void for resources that provide affordable services and valuable connections by opening our gallery space to our members for documentation/viewing purposes.  Members can reserve our gallery space for either full or half days to install works to be photo-documented or to hold studio visits with independently scheduled curators.

Costs for reserving Zygote’s gallery for DOCUMENTA are as follows:

½ day (2-4 hours): $30

Full day (4-8 hours, beginning no earlier than 9:30AM) : $50

Fees include staff coordination, access coordination, prep/post repair for full gallery space. Any excessive alterations to wall or space beyond traditional hanging or exhibition installation approaches must be communicated to Nicole Schneider, Exhibitions and Special Projects Director. All art work must be removed from gallery and holes must be spackled by the end of the time allotment scheduled.

Christine Mauersberger, Timelines | 2014 photo by Steve Wagner

Memberships are $40/year and include other fantastic perks and discounts. For more information or to schedule a time slot please contact Nicole.

Need a photographer? Zygote has recruited a roster of this region’s finest commercial photographers (thanks to the Cleveland Print Room) who can assist with your documentation needs. Costs vary per photographer, so we ask that you coordinate those costs/fees directly with them. Zygote is not responsible for fees, payment transactions or communications between artist/client and photographer.

Here is the roster of photographers: Steve Wagner • Karin McKenna • Jerry Mann • John Seyfried • Joe Levack


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