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January 29, 2015, Creative Fusion, Exhibitions, openings

Upcoming Exhibitions

Isabel Farnsworth, Up, 2000, Color Intaglio & Paper Litho

Isabel Farnsworth, Up, 2000, Color Intaglio & Paper Litho














February 6th – March 28th, 2015
opening reception: Friday, February 6 from 6-8pm
→ They Came, They Saw, They Printed! (19 Years of Swift, Victorious Prints)

When Cesar marched into Turkey in 47 BCE, he famously stated “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” (I came. I saw. I conquered). The phrase, confident to the point of hubris, has come to signify swift and decisive victory. 19 years ago, Zygote opened its doors at E.72nd and St. Clair to artists needing space to make print-based work—an idea that took, not hubris, but a lot of chutzpah. Founders Bellamy Printz, Kelley Novak, Liz Maugans and Joe Sroka opened a brave new frontier for the region’s visual art scene and, since 1996, Zygote has invited hundreds of artists through the doors to make new work.

Zygote began collecting work since the beginning and we have spent the last 18 months condition reporting and databasing the collection. With the hard work of interns Rebecca Roman, Katharine Vaughn and Allison Polgar, Zygote is able to show work that represents the wide range of artists who have come into our shop for short stays to make decidedly victorious work. Each artist in this exhibition came to Zygote through one of our programs; they include AIR & Monothon, for local/regional artists (who are often not printmakers), artists who have taken part in our Dresden Exchange program through the Ohio Arts Council and the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion Program. There are also artists, dear to Zygote, who were some of our most stalwart members and residents:

Mely Barragan, Anthony Bartholomew, Jerry Birchfield, Laurence Channing, Dexter Davis, Christa Donner, Isabelle Farnsworth, Alfonzo Fernandez, Mallorie Freeman, Jan Grossman, Don Harvey, Andrea Joki, Matt Krone, Eva Kwong, Craig Lucas, Emmy Lingscheit, Johannes Markolies, Liz Maugans, Ryan McCullough, Holly Morrison, Michelle Muldrow, Stephan Nestler, Kelly Novak, Bellamy Printz, Eric Rippert, Daniel Ruanova, Brant Schuller, Terry Schwarz, Joe Sroka, Dan Tranberg and Doug Max Utter.


March 28th – May 31st, 2015
Mauricio Critobal

January 29, 2015, Exhibitions, News | Events

Current Exhibition

They Came. They Saw. They Printed!

(19 Years of Swift, Victorious Prints from the Zygote Press archive)


Mely Barragan “Homesick”











Nineteen years ago, Zygote Press opened its doors at E.72nd and St. Clair so that artists could have a space to make print-based work. Founders Bellamy Printz, Kelley Novak, Liz Maugans and Joe Sroka’s brave new frontier has been part of the region’s visual art scene since 1996, and since then, Zygote has invited hundreds of artists through the doors to create new work. This archive represents those artists from their very first pull on our presses.

I came. I saw. I conquered! has come to signify swift and decisive victory (after Caesar claimed capture of Pharnaces, in only four hours of combat). They Came, They Saw, They Printed! represents a wide range of artists who have come into Zygote, sometimes only for short periods of time, to make decidedly victorious work. Various styles, media and intentions are represented: from expressive monotypes to ephemera made to be given away. All of this work was created through artist participation in one of our programs– from Zygote’s Founders to some of our most stalwart former members, all of whom have a special place in Zygote history.


November 30, 2014, Exhibitions, News | Events, studio

OFF the WALL Holiday Sale

Join us for our annual Off the Wall Holiday Show, featuring unique print items from our staff, interns, renters, and members! In addition to framed and unframed prints, shop for tee shirts, cards, calendars, memberships, classes, gift certificates, and more!


October 29, 2014, equipment, Exhibitions, News | Events, studio

DOCUMENTA: November 1-30, 2014

“Zygote provides needed short-term space that I need to test and document my work for my website, grant applications, show proposals, and for collectors.”
— Christine Mauersberger

  • Do you need to find a great photographer who can fill all your documentation needs?
  • Can Zygote provide a clean, private space for scheduling a studio visit with a curator or gallerist?
  • Like Christine, do you need a professional space to test drive and document an installation?



October 6, 2014, Dresden, Exhibitions, residency

Foreign Affairs: Clemens Reinecke and Rita Geissler

Rita Geissler

Rita Geissler

In its 19th year, Zygote Press welcomes Clemens Reinecke and Rita Geissler to Cleveland, Ohio for the Ohio Arts Council’s longest running International Artist Residency Exchange.  The Dresden Exchange Program will send Ohio artists, Michael Gill, Editor of the Collective Arts Network and Ellen Price, who is a professor at Miami University to work at the Graffikwerkstatt in Dresden for five weeks as part of this International exchange.

Winterlandschaft, Rita Geissler | Etching

Winterlandschaft, Rita Geissler | Etching

Clemens Reinecke and Rita Geissler’s work will be featured in an exhibition, Foreign Affairs 19, at Zygote Press.  A reception will be held on Saturday, October 18th from 1-3pm, with an informal artist’s talk beginning at 2pm.

Rita Geissler is a member of the Saxon Art Association and has won several awards including the Best of Show at Leipzig  Book Fair.

Geissler, born in Dresden, studied Graphic Arts and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. She has an extensive exhibition record which includes shows at many Saxon Government Presidium, City Gallery Radebeul,  Library of the Dresden State Art Collections, and Carl-Lohse-Gallery Bischofswerda. (more…)


August 31, 2014, AIR, Exhibitions, News | Events, openings, residency

2014 Artist-in-Residence | Donald Black, Jr. | My Scars Exposed

September 12 – October 4, 2014

Reception: September 12 – 6-8 pm

Artist Talk: September 24 – 6:30 pm

I was the kid who never left my scabs alone; I picked at them.  I’m not sure if I was attracted to self-inflicted pain, but what I do know is that I was attracted to the breaking of patterns on my skin and the mark that would be left behind.  I liked the permanency and mystery of scars.  Then there are, what I call, the unmarked scars. (more…)


August 30, 2014, Exhibitions, News | Events, openings

Collector’s Affection | Curated by John Farina + Adam Tully

CollectorsAffectionAnnouncementAugust 8 to 31, 2014

Reception: August 8 — 6 to 9 pm

Collector’s Affection showcases works from over a dozen local artists included in the private collection of John Farina and Adam Tully.  Selected artists include Michelle Murphy, Mark Brabant, Hilary Gent, George Kocar, and many more.  Works from the collection will be shown alongside recent works from each artist.

This exhibition is generously supported by John Corlett.

The Collectors: John Farina & Adam Tully have been collecting art together since they met nearly eight years ago. Adam actually became an instant collector when he met John, who had already begun his collecting of Cleveland art many years earlier. (more…)


August 29, 2014, Exhibitions

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