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March 27, 2017, Featured

April Member Demo
April 19, noon.


denise stewart video featured

July 19, 2014, Featured

Rent Studio Space

Hundreds of artists of all experience levels already take advantage of becoming an Artist Renter. When artists join the program, they become part of a vibrant creative community where the shop functions as a: • production environment as well as a classroom • a venue for artist demonstrations and talks • a destination where international artists share their expertise • and a place where artists can earn revenue through sales, teaching and edition printing. Note that all Artist Renters must be capable of using the studio unsupervised. Upon payment and review of process, you’ll get a unique access code to enter Zygote’s shop. Zygote Press offers this Artist Renter program to give individuals full 24-7 access to the print shop on E. 30th St.

Long-time member, Denise Stewart, and her son Bill silkscreen Free Advice posters at Zygote Press in Cleveland, OH. CLICK HERE to watch video.

The Artist Rental program allows 24-hour access to the printshop, and is available to current members, and includes one flatfile drawer for personal storage. All code-holders must be comfortable using the studio with no supervision. Zygote requires that artists communicate with Shop Manager,  Rebekah (at) zygotepress (dot) org to coordinate initial meeting that:

·      Accesses level of printmaking experience
·      conducts shop tutorial
·      Receives all contracts, payments and membership materials
·      Distributes code and user handbook
Please call 216 621-2900 or email

Zygote Press reserves the right to deny Code-holder status to a printer.
For more information about Zygote’s green policy read our shop brochures.
For more information about Zygote’s Residency programs, including arrangements to use the shop and stay at the Zygote Press Artist Share Space (ZPASS) loft apartments, visit the INHABIT ZYGOTE page.


1 Month Artist Renter | $140 Purchase (via Paypal)
1 Month Student Renter (or recent grad) | $95 Purchase (via Paypal)
1 Month Studio Renter | $195 Purchase (via Paypal)

Zygote Press promotes contemporary fine-art printing and fosters collaborations that strengthen our community. Through advocacy, exhibitions, community programs, and affordable, professional workspace, Zygote stimulates collective exchange.  Our programs create a robust and diverse network of opportunities and affordable resources for emerging artists and curators from around the globe. We educate community stakeholders on the importance of art to the vitality of Cleveland and beyond. Please consider making your own donation to Zygote Press today.

If you prefer to pay by check, please send to: Liz Maugans at Zygote Press. 1410 East 30 Street, Cleveland, OH 44114.

letterpress 101_featured

July 19, 2014, Featured

Group&Private Classes

 hannah screen printing class Silk Screen Printing 101
Instructor: Hannah Monocchio
Thursdays, May 10 & 17, 2017, 6-9pm

$80 non member. Purchase
$68 member price. Purchase
Sign up soon – class size is limited.Wanted to learn how to silk screen print? Need a quick refresher? Learn the basics in this Screen Printing 101 2-evening class.Artist Hannah Manocchio is a real pro and will take you through the process of preparing images, transferring them to screens, and printing with one or two color process. She’ll go over the basics of equipment, best practices, and inks.

 397942_438243976267937_296891150_n Letterpress 101
Instructor: Erin Adair
Thursdays, April 13 & 20, 2017, 6-8pm

$60 non member. Purchase
$51 member price. Purchase

Learn the fundamentals of letterpress in this two part class. Instructor Erin Adair will take you through the steps of designing and setting your own type.

 Meler_Zygote_2 Pressure Printing WORKSHOP Using an Etching Press and Hand-cut Stencils
Instructor: Visiting Artist, Monika Meler
January 21, 2017, 10am – noon
Class is Full.
$30 non member
$25 member price

This workshop will focus on Diffused Relief Printmaking (Pressure Printing), a hybrid process that brings together relief, collagraph, and monotype. The focus will be on using uneven pressure to produce beautiful, spontaneous, and multi-layered prints. This process, using matrices carved out of mat board produces soft, diffused images that are very different from the graphic marks that printmaking is often known for. Multi-layered printing and registration will also be covered.Participants will discover a range of possibilities while learning how to approach printmaking from a fresh, new perspective to compose layered, rich prints.
Prints created using this technique require no chemical processes, which means that the heavy chemistry often associated with printmaking is eliminated. All matrices are mat board, so they can be recycled once the prints are finished.

Zygote often offers freebies (like workshops!) for members. Find out what’s next through Facebook & Instagram.
Become a member today!
***JOIN NOW***

WIP (Works In Progress)

Critique sessions take place on Saturdays from 10-noon. These sessions are all free an open to all artists working in different disciplines. This program is geared for the non-student artists who are disconnected from the critical feedback that is offered at the university level. All of the sessions will be held at Zygote Press, Inc. (ZPI) The goal is not to show work that is completed but “in progress”. Each WIP session will have a different facilitator and in 2016 we focus on two Akron curators. Each session has eight participants and they have 15 minutes of time to gain feedback about their work and ideas. Other people also contribute to the conversation in an open forum. Sign ups are first come, first serve. There are no WIP sessions planned for 2017.


Open Studio is an open access, twice-weekly offering for people to come and work in Zygote’s shop. Every Wednesday and Saturday from noon to 4 pm Zygote’s shop is open with knowledgeable printmaking monitors on site to oversee the shop and field and questions. Please note that the Open Studio is not a class and no sign-up is necessary. Instead, it’s a session designed for artists working on small projects. Click here to join if you’re not a member.Open Studio hours are Wednesdays and Saturdays 12 noon to 4 pm.
Members pay $20.
From past class evaluations, we have found that flexibility works best for our student participants and sometimes classes are not available when you want to take them. If this is the case, One-on-Ones are for you! It gives you a chance to work independently with one of our skilled artist-printmakers to learn intaglio, relief, screenprinting, letterpress, digital or alternative techniques.Please contact for a roster of artist-print specialists and we will connect you. We charge $35 per hour-($10 for Zygote and $25 for teachers)-some classes take just a few hours –some take a little longer. This is a great way to learn as you go so you can begin utilizing our Open Studio sessions or commence renting a locker or studio.Private one-on-one classes: $25 per hour for teacher + $10 per hour for Zygote. Get a One-on-One Quote here.

 Any course can be scheduled by a group or by an individual interested in learning more about printmaking or expanding their printing skills. Payment can be made on line or, if you prefer to pay by check, send it to Liz Maugans at Zygote Press 1410 E 30th st, Cleveland, OH 44114.


Enrollment is open to the public, ages 13 and up.

Tuition and fees are due in full upon registration- you can contact or call, mail or sign-up online. Small Group and One-on-One class payments are due at the time of the class. We accept cash, check or credit cards. If you prefer to pay by check send it to Liz at Zygote Press. 1410 E 30th st CLE, OH 44114.

There is parking available on the street and in lot adjacent the studio.MATERIALSInstructor will notify participants regarding material that may be needed for the class. Some classes will require materials that can be purchased at Zygote.

Zygote Residents receive a 20% discount on classes and Interns can take classes for free.

We photograph classes for our social media, grant support materials & publications. Please let the instructor know if you do not wish to be photographed.

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Z heart featured

July 18, 2014, Featured


“I left Zygote thinking, yes!, I am a printmaker.” – Sarah Tabbert, Rasmuson Residency Visiting Artist, 2016


Zygote is Northeast Ohio’s only non-profit fine art print shop and the largest in Ohio. We offer on-going exhibitions, classes, residencies and affordable workspace for print artists. At Zygote artists create new work; audiences explore new ideas, and new collaborations strengthen our community.

Zygote has membership options for working artists, general members and people who, at the donor level, want to invest in Zygote’s present and future. You select the option best for you.

Zygote members enjoy member-only privileges that connect them to the work of print artists, the mission of Zygote and to the community. There are various levels of membership – read descriptions below for information about each level and to purchase membership online.

If you are already a member, you can also renew your membership below.

Levels of Annual Membership

General (1 person)

$30 – one-year student membership Purchase
$40 – one-year individual membership Purchase
$75 – one-year dual/family membership for two or more residents of same household. Purchase

Artist (1 person)
$50 – one-year artist membership Purchase

  • All benefits of general membership
  • Access Open Studio at $20.00/person per session
  • 5% of any edition-printing services (excluding One on Ones)
  • Opportunity to participate in open portfolios, exhibitions and holiday show
  • Special rate* for 24-hour access to Zygote, personal flat file drawer and locker (*$140 per month, artist membership required)

Donor (2 people)
$150   Arts Advocate Purchase

  • All benefits of general membership
  • Invitation to meet visiting artists at Donor only pre-opening exhibition events
  • Date night at Zygote
  • Collector’s plate with Zygote logo
  • $135 Tax Deductible

$250   Patron Purchase

  • All benefits above
  • Invitation to Ink House pre-opening reception with exhibiting artist
  • Opportunity to be a Youth Tour Sponsor
  • Printing demonstration with Zygote staff
  • $235 Tax Deductible

$500   Sponsor Purchase

  • All benefits above
  • Opportunity to be an Exhibition Sponsor
  • Attend editioning demonstration with artist Christi Birchfield at Ink House
  • $455 Tax Deductible

$1000   Collector’s Circle Purchase

  • All benefits of above
  • Special Limited edition Collector’s Print created exclusively for Collectors
  • Lead Sponsorship opportunity for an exhibition
  • $855 Tax Deductible

If you prefer to pay by check, please send to: Liz Maugans at Zygote Press. 1410 East 30 Street, Cleveland, OH 44114
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