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2 Ways to Give to Zygote Press

There are several ways to support Zygote.
DONATE ANY AMOUNT large or small by clicking “donate” above, or find out about our membership and donor levels here.

We all thank you!

Or donate to support our long term future through our endowment with the Cleveland Foundation.
GIVE TO Zygote’s endowment
funded through the Cleveland Foundation.

The ZPI Fund is a long-term organizational fund held and managed by the Cleveland Foundation on behalf of our organization. The fund augments Zygote Press’s funding mix and helps ensure long-term financial stability through the preservation and investment of dollars for future benefit. With oversight from our board, the Cleveland Foundation stewards our fund and ensures that each dollar multiplies over time to generate returns earmarked for Zygote Press in perpetuity.

The Cleveland Foundation, the world’s first community foundation, is classified as a public charity and exists to manage funds by donors for the benefit of a specific cause. By virtue of the ZPI Fund, Zygote Press gains access to the foundation’s large investment pools and proven track record of more than a century of nonprofit investment management. This leads to greater growth and greater stability for Zygote Press. As an organizational partner and fund holder of the Cleveland Foundation, Zygote Press can also utilize the foundation’s Advancement team with decades of legal, tax and philanthropic experience to help grow and manage the fund.

Interested in supporting Zygote Press’s mission?
GIVE DIRECTLY to the Cleveland Foundation ZPI Fund online here.

All gifts to the ZPI Fund are tax deductible at the highest income tax level, and the Cleveland Foundation provides gift acknowledgment letters or receipts for each donor. More nuanced gifts such as appreciated securities or planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts may also be accepted in support of our organization. Interested individuals may contact Zygote Press or reach the Cleveland Foundation’s Advancement team at 877-554-5054 for a personalized consultation.

Each gift to the ZPI Fund will make a difference by being preserved today and invested to meet our areas of greatest need tomorrow.

Please give to Zygote Press today to support all our educational & community programming, advocacy, and exhibitions plus our mission to provide affordable professional workspace to artists.