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Current Exhibition

 freestyleimage_featured   Free Style: tease and tension between abstraction and representation.
Curated by Liz Maugans
Opening Reception: May 12, 6-8pm

Zygote Press Gallery. May 12 – June 24, 2017.
FREE STYLE: tease and tension between abstraction and representation, brings together many of the regions most exciting artists working on the edges and tensions of abstraction. These artists re – evaluate abstraction, recognizing that though the subject itself, that it is often perceived to be unified, where in reality, it is a highly complex, fluid and many – sided phenomenon. The group exhibition illuminates how the act of making a representational painting has become redefined following the emergence of abstraction as a competing proposition.Representational painting has always been in rebuttal of abstraction – sometimes polemically against it but more often incorporating aspects of it into a new synthesis. The exhibition draws on some of the contentious encounters and its impact on the many ways these artists have revised their conception of what representation can be.Several strands of abstraction are showcased through various types of artistic production, including paintings, drawings, mixed media collages, and prints. This is a brief survey of some of the exciting, responsive approaches taking place in NEO. Many of the artists are exhibiting for the first time at Zygote and we are honored to show this work and celebrate the freestyle energy that these artists present.Justin Brennan
Dave Cintron
Jamey Hart
Michael Lombardy
James March
Kelsey Moulton
Patricia Zinmeister Parker
Scott Pickering
Grace Summanen

Above image; Strange Attractor, Jamey Hart
Generously supported by Tom Balboa

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