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Green Growth Symposium

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Jennifer Coleman
Senior Program Officer, Gund Foundation
Donna Friedman
Investigator, NEO Sewer District
Kristin Hall
Sustainability Manager, City of CLE Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
Bellamy Printz
Chief Curator, The Cleveland Clinic
Missy McCormick
Assistant Professor and Ceramics Coordinator, Youngstown State University
Nicole McGee
Founder/Artistic Director of Upcycle Parts Shop
Will Stanford
Inspector @ NEO Sewer District
Rebekah Wilhelm
Shop Manager, Zygote Press

Hear from a few of our members:
“I learned traditional printmaking techniques in the late 70’s and 80’s, which involved the use of acids and harmful solvents. It is apparent now that long term use and exposure to these substances is taking a huge health risk.  Basically, I am at a turning point, either drop printmaking as my main medium or learn healthier ways of doing what I love. Since Zygote Press has gone “green”, it’s been a real eye opener for me and a pretty smooth transition. I’ve attended some of the free workshops offered by Rebekah, our shop manager, in utilizing the new techniques and this summer I am taking a 3 week intensive class at Zea Mays, a green printmaking facility in Mass. By the time I finish the class I will be “green certified” in using intaglio and some litho-plate techniques. I hope to use what I learn and experience from both studios (Zygote and Zea Mays) to convert the print shops of 2 local universities where I teach. I just feel happier, healthier and not so tense about what I am doing and hopefully that will translate in a positive way through my art and teaching.”
          — Lisa Schonberg

“I am beginning to like the new greening processes better than the old ones.”
          — Barbara Stanford