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Flee depicts the apex predators of North America. There is a global ecological cascade effect occurring. This means that the eradication of the apex predators by man is triggering secondary extinctions of other species throughout the ecosystem. Senseless, shortsighted and fear-based environmental policies in the United States continue to support the widespread killing of apex predators.

Much of Flee was printed at Zygote Press.

Fanny Retsek was a resident artist at Zygote Press in 2014, when she introduced the studio to her experiences in green practices and contract printing. She is currently the Studio Program Director at Palo Alto’s Art Center. Before working at the Art Center, Fanny worked at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art for seven years where she was the founding director and master printer of the ICA Print Center and was also a professional printer at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. Fanny received her MFA with an emphasis in printmaking at San Jose State University and her BA in European Studies and French from Loyola Marymount University.