Zygote Press hosts artists from around the globe through collaborations with national and international partners. We work closely with these partners and artists in an effort to foster a robust and diverse network of opportunities for both artists and curators to exchange knowledge and experiences in the Cleveland community and beyond. Our international residencies are selected through an internal process. Therefore Zygote Press does not accept applications or nominations. 

For other open residency opportunities at Zygote, please consider applying for an open-call or self-styled residency.

Open Call Winter/summer residencies

Zygote accepts applications for two 14-day residencies per year, one in summer and one in winter. Qualified artist residents should be established printmakers in the U.S. or abroad with the aim to work on a special project in Zygote’s Northeast Ohio facilities. The next deadline for Zygote’s winter/summer residency (for residencies in 2019) is June 15, 2018.

Stay at ZPASS for an independent residency

There are also opportunities to stay at our ZPASS apartment for a self-styled residency. Depending on availability, the ZPASS apartments are occasionally available for individuals to rent. Visit our self-styled residency page for information on how to apply.