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For the following residencies, Zygote’s Programming Committee selects artists through a nomination process and doesn’t accept applications.


Creative Fusion is an urban-based, community-engaged residency program for international artists. Created by the Cleveland Foundation, the program consists of two three-month residencies in Cleveland in the spring and fall each year. Local organizations host up to six artists from cultures that are underrepresented in Cleveland’s professional arts sector. The program consists of projects and events offered throughout the long-term residency.

The program is primarily interested in artists from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, New Zealand, and Australia. Invited artists get the opportunity to develop new work and share a contemporary view of their culture with our community. Please note that this residency is not an open application. For other open opportunities at Zygote, please consider applying for a WINTER/SUMMER residency listed above.

Former Creative Fusion Resident Artists:
2016 — Anila Rubiku, Milan, Tirana and Toronto
2015 — Mauricio Critobal, Santiago, Chile
2014 — Olivia Milhaltiano, Bucharest, Romania
2013 — Cheikhou Ba, Dakar, Senegal
2013 — Daniel Ruanova & Mely Barragan, TJINCHINA, Tijuana/ Beijing
2012 — Ivan Andres Lecaros Correa, Santiago, Chile

United Nonsense from Nicolas Grum.


The longest-running artist exchange program for Zygote (and in Ohio) is the Dresden Exchange. Supported by the Ohio Arts Council, this Exchange brings two accomplished artists to Zygote’s workshop from Germany, and sends two Ohio artists to work in Dresden at the Grafikwerkstaat every Fall. Zygote Press houses the German residents in the ZPASS loft apartment above the main studio on E. 30th St. and holds an exhibition to showcase the artists’ work from before and during their time at Zygote, near the end of the residency — usually in October.

The Ohio Arts Council and the City of Dresden fund the Dresden Residency Exchange as part of an ongoing cultural-artistic link between the State of Ohio and the city of Dresden. This program lets artists from Ohio and Dresden become acquainted with the art and artists of another community, provides time for the artists to explore the printmaking resources of each location, and establishes ongoing artistic relations between Ohio and Dresden. Please note that this residency is not an open application. For other open opportunities at Zygote, please consider applying for a WINTER/SUMMER residency listed above.

Former Dresden-Ohio Exchange Artists:
1998     Angela Hampel & Roland Bolen — Matt Krone & Todd Devreise
1999     Jana Morgenstern & Frank Tausand — Kelly Novak, & Claudia Esslinger
2000     Peter Wagler & rank Hermann — Wendy Collin Sorin & Susan Squires
2001     Stephan Nestler & Jan Grossman — Noel Reifel & Joan Tallon
2002    Jean Kirsten & Volker Leinkeit — Andrea Joki & Nicholas Hill
2003    Henri Rademacher & Bernd Hanke — Jen Craun & Phyllis Fannin
2004    Frederiche Aust & Iduna Bonig — Royden Watson & Chris DeAngelis
2005    Baerbel Voigt & Detlef Schweiger — Scott Westhoven & Ian Ruffino
2006    Stefanie Busch & Sandor Doro — Michael Loderstedt & Stephanie Sypsa
2007    Udo Haufe & Andrea Hegedorn — Claudio Orso & Lary Collins
2008    Franziska Leonhardi & Tobias Stengel — Susan Vincent & Eliana Calle-Saari
2009    Karen Koschnick & Claudia Scheffler — Liz Maugans & Bellamy Printz
2010    Christiane Just & Paul Barsch — Tony Bartholomew & Craig Lucas
2011    Johannes Markolies & Kerstin Franke-Gneuss — Corrie Slawson & Ryan McCullough
2012    Haike Wadewitz & Tina Wohlfart — Wendy Partridge & Kathy McGhee
2013    Lucie Feynhagen & Christoph Rossner — Lisa Schonberg & Theresa Kuhr
2014    Clemens Reinecke & Rita Geissler — Michael Gill & Ellen Price
2015     Tony Franz & Svenja WichmannRon Abram & Christi Birchfield
2016    Nina Holzweg & Suntje Sagerer — Kate Snow & Deborah Pinter



The Rasmuson Foundation sponsors this exciting exchange, which lets a Cleveland artist attend Zygote’s sister host in Homer, Alaska — the Bunnell Art Street Studio.  This multidisciplinary arts center overlooks the Kenai Mountains and Kachemak Bay.

In return, Zygote Press hosts an Alaskan artist for two months. Please note that this residency is not an open application. For other open opportunities at Zygote, please consider applying for a WINTER/SUMMER residency listed above.

Former Rasmuson Exchange Resident Artists:

2016/2017 — Claudio Orso (to Alaska)
2015/2016 — Amy Casey (to Alaska) Sara Tabbert (from Alaska)
2014/2015 — Elizabeth Emery (to Alaska) Michael Walsh (from Alaska)
2013/2014 — Jimmy Riordan (from Alaska) Melissa Daubert (to Alaska)


2016 — Sage Dawson, St. Louis, Missouri
2016 — Sarah McKenzie , Boulder, Colorado
2014 — Brooke Inman, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
2014 — Nathan Margoni, Benton Harbor, MI
2014 — Fanny Retsek, San Jose, CA, Printer from Crown Point Press
2013 — Rachel Heberling, Tiger Lily Press, Cincinnati, OH
2013 — Gordon Sherman, Fort Hays State University
2013 — Stefan Hoffmann, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2013 — Emmy Lingscheit, University of Illinois at Champaign, Urbana, IL
2012 — Brant Schuller, Millers University
2012 — Joseph Makkos, New Orleans Letterpress Artist
2012 — Bec Young, Justseeds, Artist Images Resource


In yet another venture, Zygote Press offers the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program. Each year, AIR brings a non-print artist into a collaborative printmaking environment to produce a full body of work over several months. Chosen by Zygote’s Programming Committee, past participants include Dexter Davis, Yong Han, Eva Kwong, Laila Voss, Michelangelo Lovelace and Audra Skuodas, Dana Oldfather, and Johnny Coleman. The AIR program culminates in the fall with an exhibition.

Former AIR Resident Artists:
2016 — Darius Stewart
2015 — Ray Juaire & Patti Fields
2014 — Donald Black
2013 — Andy Curlowe
2012 — Johnny Coleman
2011 — Dana Oldfather
2010 — Terry Schwartz



Zygote Press awards this residency in memory of Anthony Bartholomew to a Kent State University Graduate. Tony was Zygote’s Shop Manager and Artist in Residence Coordinator from 2007 to 2011. Tony received his MFA from Kent State University in Printmaking and continued to teach in the print program as an adjunct faculty member.

This residency provides a tangible and beneficial opportunity for the KSU applicant to create new works in a professional print shop.  The award is a   stipend with two-week open-access to the shop.

To donate to the TONY KSU Scholarship Fund, visit the SUPPORT ZYGOTE page and indicate that you’re contributing to the TONY KSU SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Contributions are tax-deductible within the provisions of the law.

Note: Applicants to this residency must be enrolled and graduating from a KSU Printmaking Program.

Former Tony Bartholomew Artists:
2016— Conner Berry
2015 — Stephanie Mote
2014 — Hunter Elliot
2013 — Stephanie Brewer
2012 — Paul Rodgers



A Northeast Ohio fellowship is available to  regional university print shop grads, and provides them with unlimited access to Zygote’s facilities for three consecutive months, and inclusion in the Zygote archives. The Fellowship Award is an application process and is geared towards supporting emerging artists in completing specific projects or bodies of work that would benefit from Zygote’s specialized equipment and our supportive community. Many Fellowship winners transition to become Resident Artists at the conclusion of their Fellowship period in order to continue their work at Zygote.

Former NEO Residency Scholarship Recipients:
2015 — Claire Marks
2014 — Abbey Blake



2013 — Elisa Rios, Studio Two Three, Richmond, VA
2012 — Meghan SterlingChicago Printmakers Collaborative, Anne Kibbe (Zygote)
2011 — Hannah Lehman