Green Policy

Zygote is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy print-shop facility for our staff, users, and visitors. Our shop went completely green in 2015.

Our Green Policy:

The use of Copper Sulfate and Ferric Chloride etchants instead of acids for intaglio etching

The use of oil, vinegar, Estisol 242 and Soysolv II as cleaners replacing toxic cleaners and solvents

The use of water-based screen printing inks

The reuse and remixing of inks

• A paper recycle box for continuous use with scratch/proofing cover sheets

• Recycling bins for plastic and aluminum throughout the shop

• The use of a biweekly rag service (to reduce the use of paper towels)

• A health-and-safety campaign with pronounced signage in the shop

• Programming green printmaking classes

• The continual research and development of new approaches and techniques and processes to be brought to the shop and taught to new audiences

Green Resources:

Click on the images below to learn more.

Silkscreen Brochure Etchants Card Presswork Brochure








PDF – how to read msds sheets
PDF – safety matters