Borrow Art (PEP)

Zygote’s Printmaking Exhibition Project (PEP) — a traveling archive — is a 50-piece framed printmaking exhibition with selections from Zygote’s extensive archive. The PEP collection is available for loan for exhibitions at satellite venues.

PEP was created for educational, social, civic, and commercial centers that want to showcase a high-quality packaged exhibition. Works in the exhibition range in scope and theme and a sampling can be reviewed here.

PEP prints at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
PEP prints at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

PEP media includes supplemental materials that are helpful to hosting the exhibition, including workshops; PR templates; evaluation materials; descriptions of processes and techniques on display; print-collecting and identification lectures; and a wide range of complementary work from the region’s most accomplished Cleveland artists.

Since 2011, more than 20 locations across the region have shown the collection, including the Shaker Historical Society, Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Lakewood Congregational Church, the Justice Center, Bialosky Partners, the Judson Retirement Community, and Kendal at Oberlin.

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