Arts Advocacy


As Zygote Press has grown, it’s developed the strength to institute internal policies to better support artists with adaptive measures we can take at Zygote. Zygote advocates by:

  • Supporting artists by implementing policies that don’t ask artists to provide work for Zygote’s benefits and fundraisers.
  • Creating earned revenue streams for interns and emerging artists to gain experience while paying them for their efforts.
  • Financially supporting Zygote’s staff when receiving professional panels, residencies and representing Zygote at National conference
  • Appointing an Arts Advocacy Board Member who champions our mission to local, state and national decision-makers

Besides classes, exhibitions and tours, Zygote Press leads several efforts in arts advocacy and community change to bring the benefit of creative ventures to the communities of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

FLUXUS — In response to feedback, Zygote boosted efforts to bring the arts to more people. In May 2014, through Ohio Arts Council Project Support, Zygote created the Arts Advocacy Fluxus Project. This artist-made, open-source toolkit is filled with print ephemera that creatively celebrates the impact of the arts in the immediate region, Ohio, and nationally.

Inspired by the Fluxus movement of the 1960s that blended Neo-Dada and literature with urban planning, architecture and avant-garde performances, Fluxus packets use printmaking and clear, quantifiable research about the region’s arts sector to advocate for arts and culture while educating the public about the importance of arts. The Fluxus Project was featured on

The Fluxus Project is thankful for the the Ohio Arts Council and the George Gund Foundations support for this project.


In 2010, Zygote founded the Collective Arts Network (CAN) — a free journal to bring the Visual Arts Community together. Now, CAN does just that by facilitating networking events, cross-marketing efforts, and forum building for arts writing and reporting (for activities taking place in region. CAN lets more than 75 organizations and galleries develop and contribute their own commentary about what is significant and relevant in their institution. The journal is distributed to more than 10,000 people quarterly and lets the arts community tell new audiences about the region’s artists and their work. In addition, through the CAN forum, a variety of writers speak to critical issues addressed by Zygote projects, programs, and exhibitions.

Zygote and CAN thank the Ohio Arts Council and the George Gund Foundations for initial support of this project.