Zygote Will Travel (POW)


Zygote has an array of mobile printmaking units for hire — the Press-on-Wheels (POW) fleet. Event coordinators can rent standalone POW units or units operated by Zygote staff, for hours of printmaking that attracts and engages all kinds of audiences. Zygote POW units have gone to more than 60 offsite locations, including libraries, community and retirement centers, citywide festivals, neighborhood art walks, block parties, private parties, Cleveland City Hall, airports, rehabilitation centers, parks, churches, and college campuses.

Prices are based on the number of artists facilitating an event, the duration of the event, material needs, mileage for transportation, and the amount of preparation and cleanup needed. To rent POW, or for more information, contact progams@zygotepress.org

pow2Besides the ability to entertain, the POW units have two other benefits: They offer an important way of engaging the community with mobile and innovative experiences, and they serve as educational opportunities for the interns and members that facilitate them — so junior staff gains skills and experience in conducting educational programming with the greater public.

Zygote has several POW units that can make your school or fundraising event a hit. They include:

Inky the Print Pony photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com


Zygote Press has a print pony named Inky — a playground rocking horse that’s been converted into a pressure-printer apparatus that produces relief prints while people ride.

The Print Pony’s concept and design was originally created after seeing it at the Southern Graphics Conference in 2013. We acknowledge the incredible ideas and innovation of Eric Fuertes of Dumbo Press that inspired the Print Pony at Zygote.

Cranky the Mobile Letterpress.
Cranky the Mobile Letterpress. photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com





Zygote’s mobile letterpress cart — a.k.a. Cranky — is a hand-crank tabletop platen press that can be fitted with a 4″ x 6″ linoleum block or typeset text that can be created for your event. Cranky shows people how powerful printing can be for transmitting ideas through media. It’s also a great mobile unit for large crowds — and making bookmarks, cards, and other giveaway ephemera on the fly at live events. Linoleums or woodcuts can be created specifically for your event’s theme.

Mobile Suitcase.
Mobile Suitcase. photo: KarinMcKenna.com


Zygote has a collection of tools, matrices, and all print ready to take on the road in our Traveling Suitcase.

Intaglio Press. photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com


For long-term use in schools and other institutions, Zygote offers two intaglio/relief presses. All users are invited to watch an instructional PowerPoint to get an overview of all the printmaking that can be done on these machines — including monoprinting, woodcut, linocut.

Print-a-Go-Go photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com


This screen-printing bike Print-a-Go-Go is a great promotional vehicle to let individual artists get their artwork and ideas out into the world. An image can be sent to Zygote and burned onto screen. The screening bike must be requested two weeks in advance and all parties must sign a waver. Riders must have advanced biking skills and the ability to lift at least 75 pounds without strain. The bike is accompanied by a courier bag filled with ink, a squeegee, a clothesline, clothespins (for drying art), and a water bottle. Artists can even ride the bike to an event, and then park it and start printing. Great for musicians promoting events and bike enthusiasts.


Print Cart.
Print Cart. photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com










The zyPRINT screen-printing cart is outfitted with a Yudu-a small all-in-one screen exposure unit outfitted with printer, and laptop. (The Yudu has a slot with a mini-darkroom, fan, and light-exposure table.) The cart can be used with a generator if there’s no electric source — so it can go almost anywhere. The cart can also be taken apart and put into a regular-sized automobile. The cart is great for creating screened giveaways, T-shirts and other promotional ephemera. Prices start at $100 plus the cost of materials and inks. Note that this cart is somewhat large, so requires two people for transport.

Port-O-Prints.photo: www.KarinMcKenna.com


The Port-o-Prints portable workstation creates a space for a 5″ x 7″ linocut/wood block, an inking surface, a holder for a roller, and a storage slot for paper and finished prints. The Port-o-Prints is a crowd-pleaser and another wonderful tool for giveaways and promotions.