Edition Printing

Zygote Press has skilled Master Printers who produce fine art edition prints under contract. All editions are made at our Ink House printing annex in Collinwood, Cleveland. We have completed commissions for individual artists, non-profits, companies, films, government entities, and beyond.

Ink House is intended for fine art editions: for other types of personal projects consider becoming an artist member and working in Zygote’s open studio (for independent work) or one-on-ones (for work with an instructor).

Fine Art Editioning process:

• The client (artist) completes and submits the form below.

• The Ink House Director contacts the client (artist) to discuss the project and  comes up with a quote based on the information discussed.

• A Zygote Master Printer works with the artist (for collaboration printing) and creates a bon à tirer (BAT) proof of the print — a ‘ready for press’ print to be used as the standard for the edition.

•Once the artist signs the BAT, he or she submits a deposit of 1/3 the total quoted amount.  Editioning is $35-50 per hour, and once the deposit has been given, the printing will begin.  (Note: Collaboration printing is $35 per hour and the client (artist) is responsible for supplying the matrix, paper, and specialty inks required for the job)

• Upon print completion, a technician collates (tears down) the edition and prepares the series for the artist to sign and number. Inferior prints are either destroyed or given to the artist at their own discretion.  Before chopping and tearing down signed prints, the Zygote technician must complete a Print Documentation form.

• The final 2/3 payment is due in full at the time the artist picks up the final editioned prints.

• Zygote Press retains one of every edition for inclusion into the Zygote Archives  (for exhibit,  or fundraising, as agreed upon with the artist). The printer also receives a Printer’s Proof from the edition.  Zygote would also like to keep 2 prints which will be made available for sale in the Zygote shop, at an agreed upon price.

Get an Edition Printing Quote

    * Non-profits receive a 10% discount ** Referrals from other artists provide them with 15% off next print job
    If using a specific paper, please write that in 'other'.
  • Upload an example or design concept, if available.