Edition Printing

Zygote has skilled edition-printing technicians who produce prints under contract. All editions are made at our Ink House printing annex.

Editioning process:

• The client (artist) completes and submits the form below.

• Zygote replies with a quote based on the information provided.

• A Zygote printer works with the artist (for collaboration printing) and creates a bon à tirer (BAT) proof of the print — a ‘ready for press’ print to be used as the standard for the edition. Once the artist signs the BAT, 1he or she submits a payment of 1/3 as a deposit to commence with edition. Note: Collaboration printing is $35 per hour and the client (artist) is responsible for supplying the matrix, paper, and specialty inks required for the job.

•Editioning is $45 per hour. Once the edition is complete, the technician collates (tears down) the edition and prepares the series for the artist to sign.

• Next, prints are numbered. Inferior and state prints are either destroyed or given to the artist at their discretion. Before chopping and tearing down signed prints, the Zygote technician must complete a Print Documentation form.

• Zygote Press retains one of every edition for inclusion in the archives, to use at the institution’s discretion — for exhibit or fundraising, as agreed upon with the artist. The printer also receives a Printer’s Proof from the edition.

Get an Edition Printing Quote

    * Non-profits receive a 10% discount ** Referrals from other artists provide them with 15% off next print job
    If using a specific paper, please write that in 'other'.
  • Upload an example or design concept, if available.