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Zygote often offers freebies (like workshops!) for members. Find out what’s next through Facebook & Instagram.
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Zygote Press membership is for anyone interested in art — from professional artists and printmakers to students and novices. Membership gives these art enthusiasts and artists — including you — basic access to Zygote equipment and events.


Student Membership: $30 | Purchase

Individual Membership: $40 | Purchase

Artist Membership: $50 |Purchase

Family Membership: $75 | Purchase

Corporate Membership (up to 6 members of a creative team): $200 | Purchase

More specifically, with your membership, you’ll get:

  • One hour free one hour shop tutorial session. (Tutorials are only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon-4pm and include a tour and overview of the shop and facilities. Please contact us for scheduling.) 
  • 15% discount on classes and workshops
  • Access to Open Studios – $20 per session
  • Opportunity to participate in exhibitions and an open portfolio
  • Inclusion in Zygote’s annual Holiday show
  • 10% discount off items in the Zygote store
  • 5% off any edition-printing Edition Printing services (excluding One on Ones)
  • An invitation to the Annual Members Appreciation event
  • 20% off framing from the Maria Neil Framing Gallery on Waterloo
  • 10% OFF select items from the Art Forum (in Lakewood)
  • An invitation to participate in collectors’ events

membership-creditPlus, each year members get a snappy membership card and a unique hand-printed date reminder.

Why does Zygote Press offer these memberships? Because giving the public affordable access to the shop and Zygote Press activities:

• Facilitates dialogue and research in contemporary print culture

• Gives artists a green, healthy workspace for printmaking

• Lets individuals develop their knowledge and expertise in printmaking

• Increases public knowledge of printmaking’s history and development

If you have questions, fill out the Co-op Renter Contract and someone will get back to you. Or you can always contact us by phone or email.

If you prefer to pay by check, please send to: Liz Maugans at Zygote Press. 1410 East 30 Street, Cleveland, OH 44114.