Ink House

In 2014, Zygote Press added a second, satellite location, Ink House423 East 156th St., Cleveland, dedicated solely to edition printing, in the historic North Collinwood neighborhood.  Dave Craun, partner at Bialosky + Partners, redesigned the Ink House. Renovations were completed by Modern Contractors, led by Jeff Robinson. This expansion is the result of a major partnership with the Northeast Shores Community Development Corp. in the Waterloo Arts District.

Formerly a vacant house, this renovated work/studio/exhibition space is now used for fine-art edition printing — the only such service available in the region. Edition printing helps artists diversify their work and allows them to offer it at a more affordable price point. By helping artists disseminate their work to larger, more diverse audiences, we can help the Cleveland artists secure more collectors and raise the market value of all artwork in the region. 

Ink House also offers Zygote another exhibition space to support experimental/installation projects and shows for Zygote artist residents and other print artists.  If you are interested in printing an edition at Ink House, visit our edition printing page.

Ink House is also engaged in local community activities and other neighborhood programming, including the monthly Walk all over Waterloo and the yearly Waterloo Arts Fest.