Studio Equipment & Supplies


Zygote’s East 30th St. shop offers professional facilities to let artists create work by several methods, including alternative processes (such as XANTE and plate lithography), intaglio, relief, letterpress, silkscreen, and photo-based processes. The East 30th St. also has Wi-Fi and a digital lab and computer station that all visitors are free to use. One note: Zygote Press has no equipment for traditional stone lithography. Following is a list of what is available at the E. 30th St. location. In 2015 Zygote converted the shop to an all green shop. Find out more about how we do things and the materials we use here.

This list is a work in progress. As of 10/2017 we are working to update it with our latest supplies/equipment. Check back soon.


American French Tool Press Bed — 30”x 48”

Charles Brand Etching Press Bed —24”x 48”

Conrad Etching Press Bed — 24”x 48”

Rembrandt Press Bed — 17”x 36”

Hot plate for melting rosin

Metal plate shear — 40”

Schwede Rosin Box to accommodate a 18”x 24” plate

Acid and etching agents: Ferric and Copper Sulfate


Tools include a generous supply of wood and metal type

An assortment of vintage, dingbats, ornament, and cuts type

Two polymer-plate bases and a number of pressure-printing bases

Vandercook No. 3 Letterpress  (bed capacity 14”x 18” max)

Vandercook No. 4 Letterpress (bed capacity 14”x 18” max)

Chandler and Price Letterpress

Vreeland Anderson Orbital X1 Platemaker

Guillotine paper cutter (for accurate, large-quantity cuts) a

Book cradle

Bone folders

Two book presses


Epson 11″ x 17″ Ultra ChromeK3 color printer

HP 11”x 17” laserjet printer (for film and paper)

11”x 17” large-format EPSON scanner

iMac loaded with Adobe Creative Suites


A screen coating/drying room

Poly Lite Screen Exposure Unti with a 36” x 36” capacity

Backlit screen washout area with power

T-shirt silk screen platen

Various sizes of squeegees and scoop coaters

Ink distributor pumps


Relief inks — Graphic Chemical-oil-based relief inks and AKUA water-based

Intaglio Inks  — Graphic chemical oil-based inks (ilb. cartridge), and a variety of Modifiers

Silkscreen Inks — Speedball water-based ink, CMYK and primary colors black, white and transparent + extender base

Specialty inks — metallic, fluorescent, and higher-end priced colors — must be purchased by artists

Zygote is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy print shop for staff, users, and visitors. Read more about the Zygote Green Policy here.  Zygote offers non-toxic cleaners such as Soysolve, estisol, oils, and vinegars.


Zygote offers a variety of general supplies and tools for Artist Renters and Open Studio participants. These supplies and materials are included in Open Studio and rental fees. As a rule, artists producing large-scale production runs that exceed 25 prints need to purchase their own ink and general supplies.

Supplies provided:

Self-healing cutting mats, rulers, and tearing bars

Newsprint, miscellaneous brushes, paper cutters, and registration punch

30″ x 40″ light table, three drying racks, ink knives, glass inking slabs, chine-colle materials

oil + vinegar cleaners, degreasers, and other general-purpose tools

Supplies for purchase:

Supplies can be purchased during Open Studio hours from a studio monitor. (Cash and credit cards are accepted.)

Printmaking papers

Copper plates

Polymer plates

Xante Plates

Screen tape

Laser prints