Yu-Chen Chen Exhibition Opening and Artist Talk Saturday, October 28

TAIPEIXCLE Artist Residency 2017

Yu-Chen Chen: Making the night mine

Location: Negative Space Gallery / 3820 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114
Saturday, October 28th 5:30pm

Yu-Chen Chen is Zygote Press TAIPEIXCLE Artist Resident who’s working with our partnering organizations Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy, Saint Clair Superior Community Development Corporation, Night Market Cleveland, Verne Collection, and, Negative Space. This program is generously supported by Joanne Cohen & Morris Wheeler, Asia Inc., Margaret Wong Association, The Ohio Arts Council and Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

 Yu-Chen Chen received her MFA from the Department of Fine Arts in the School of Taipei National University of the Arts majoring in printmaking. She has exhibited her works at Soul Art Gallery, The Le Champ de Ble. She has been in several group exhibitions at the Asia University Museum of Modern Art, National Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, and, Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minnesota.

Yu-Chen Chen: I like to work in the night or alone in the studio. In the night everything going quiet helps me focus. And the other reason is I have serious jet leg when I’m here. I wake up and my brain keeps going because I can’t sleep in the night. So that’s why I named the show, “Making the night mine.”